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    Tuesday, September 29, 2009


    Coloring issue#3! one page done, onto page 2. I'm paying attention to how long this issue takes me so I can judge my lead time on publishing. It feels nice. I'm not entirely sold on my cover concept, so I'll be working that. No more progress tonight on pages, I have a freelance gig to finish first. Can't believe I'm so far into it. I want to get it out there for people to see!

    Friday, September 18, 2009

    Hot damn!!!

    Finished Issue #2!!!!!! (well minus cover, but that can come later. Very VERY excited. I need to create text for the "what has come before" for the inside front, will model after the AKIRA books from the 1980s. I actually started cleaning up art for Issue#3! I need to try to keep track of how long this takes me, because this will give me an idea of how long my lead time should be for publishing! I'm very excited to get it out. After Issue#3 I need to finish up the website for my (REDACTED). Which should not be THAT hard, other than coming up with logic puzzles and such.

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009


    working, working, Halfway through lettering issue#2. Almost halfway through pencils/drawing Issue#4. So, its coming along, I'm happy with how its progressing, but Issues #3 and #4 have a lot of "unique" backgrounds to color. Hopefully, the more I do, the better and faster/efficient I will get. With any luck, I'll be through lettering Issue#2 this week! Then onto colors for Issue#3. When I am done with issue#3, I will switch to the web side and will then finish that aspect of the project, then...gulp publish.

    Thursday, September 3, 2009


    Closing in finishing the colors for issue#2. I'm up to pg 7 on issue #4, I feel good about the big backlog before I publish, this will allow me to (reasonably) have time to produce the last 3 issues If I have the first 4 ready to go. Bing-bam-bong! I like how the colors are going, for the first issue, I am going to do a little experiment with borderless word balloons, it might ad a nice art look, or it might look cut and paste, I'll see how it turns out next week. I estimate by then I'll be done with issue #2