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    Friday, October 23, 2009

    Another one Bites the Dust

    Issue#4 is DONE! (pencils and inks) Hot damn! Feels good. Also, I started a supplemental story arc to go along with the REDACTED. I think it will come out pretty well and be a nice lead-in into the comic book series. Picked up Crush It by GAry Vanderchuck (sp?) slim book, but its a good motivator. He has some good ideas. All I know is I have to give this comic book all I have an promote the hell out of it. After 4-pg arc, onto issue#5. I'm over the hump! 4 down (pencils/inks, 3 to go!) then the extras.

    Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    Weird. For the First Time

    I have actually gotten an idea from a dream I had. I was dreaming the other day about Presenting my work to Brian Wood (of DMZ, ALSO of my high-school graduating class) Anyway, I have this dream, and in one of my descrpitions of Old Soldiers, there was a VERY cool element, (which I will tell later, closer to the issue when it comes out) I think it make a MUCH better impact that what I originally had. So I have to say, Thank you for my subconscious. I immediately got up, found my iphone and scribbled a note to myself. Funny how things, just come to you. ALSO, once again, the shower provides more ideas. I got a great idea for some more marketing to reach more people. Its probably not going to reach MANY people, but if it reaches, one then its done its job. More of a viral idea, which of course relys on people to actually help it along

    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    I am very pleased

    with the progress on the book. Issue#1 is basically ready to. Issue#2 is done minus cover and front matter. Issue#3 is about halfway colored. Issue#4 is 5 pages from being penciled and inked. Nice. On schedule. But I realize how time consuming it is to color these books, now that I'm paying closer attention, at my current rate (of two hours coloring a day, 5 days a week) It takes about a month and half to color one issue. This is due to the details in the background and the nature of the art. So maybe I should have 4 + issues done before I go to press. On the other hand I'll be catching up to the colors in about two months, so I'll have the evening hours that I'd usually pencil/ink to color too. Hmmmmm

    Friday, October 2, 2009

    More work

    to be done, working on coloring issue #3 and it is looking saweeeeeeeeettt!!!! I think so, at least.

    I think I'm getting faster and (my opinion) better as this goes on. I am excited, I'm on the schedule I wanted to hold to. Three pages this week is GREAT! I should be in fantastic shape by the new year. Which is my target drop date. I'm nervous about that but, I will try my best to get the word out. I still think my (REDACTED) is a great way to get interest in the project. NAd I truly hope that the distributors will look at the fact I will most likely have more than half the series ready to go (4 months by my calculation) that they can take a risk on me. It just feels good to do it, and I'm excited by the little hints and clues I'm putting into the story.

    By the way, does ANYBODY ready these posts, or is it just me posting blindly. I'd like to hope that al least SOMEONE is reading. Although why, I wonder? its pretty dry production stuff right now, so on second thought, I'd be surprised if I had regular readers, but who knows right? Anyway, if you're reading, why not post something, or just say hi. (I will give myself this out so I don't seem pathetic) OR don't, it;s as they say :up to you..."