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    Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    Weird. For the First Time

    I have actually gotten an idea from a dream I had. I was dreaming the other day about Presenting my work to Brian Wood (of DMZ, ALSO of my high-school graduating class) Anyway, I have this dream, and in one of my descrpitions of Old Soldiers, there was a VERY cool element, (which I will tell later, closer to the issue when it comes out) I think it make a MUCH better impact that what I originally had. So I have to say, Thank you for my subconscious. I immediately got up, found my iphone and scribbled a note to myself. Funny how things, just come to you. ALSO, once again, the shower provides more ideas. I got a great idea for some more marketing to reach more people. Its probably not going to reach MANY people, but if it reaches, one then its done its job. More of a viral idea, which of course relys on people to actually help it along

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