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    Friday, October 2, 2009

    More work

    to be done, working on coloring issue #3 and it is looking saweeeeeeeeettt!!!! I think so, at least.

    I think I'm getting faster and (my opinion) better as this goes on. I am excited, I'm on the schedule I wanted to hold to. Three pages this week is GREAT! I should be in fantastic shape by the new year. Which is my target drop date. I'm nervous about that but, I will try my best to get the word out. I still think my (REDACTED) is a great way to get interest in the project. NAd I truly hope that the distributors will look at the fact I will most likely have more than half the series ready to go (4 months by my calculation) that they can take a risk on me. It just feels good to do it, and I'm excited by the little hints and clues I'm putting into the story.

    By the way, does ANYBODY ready these posts, or is it just me posting blindly. I'd like to hope that al least SOMEONE is reading. Although why, I wonder? its pretty dry production stuff right now, so on second thought, I'd be surprised if I had regular readers, but who knows right? Anyway, if you're reading, why not post something, or just say hi. (I will give myself this out so I don't seem pathetic) OR don't, it;s as they say :up to you..."

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