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    Friday, September 24, 2010

    Still Waiting

    yup. Talked to haven, they said they are backed up with submissions.

    Found a New Printer in China, MUCH cheaper. but it will take a MONTH for the comics to come in, so, I'm conflicted over what to do.

    Still waiting though

    Thursday, September 9, 2010


    Submitted to Haven. They say they will get back to me sooner that Diamond. So, I wait again. I'm anxious to hear from them. This isn't the last stop, but it is what I would LIKE to be my path to the market. I hope to hear from them this week.

    Thursday, August 26, 2010

    Diamond sent a letter

    and it was a rejection.

    Can't say I'm surprised at this point. I knew I was on the bubble. It still smarts. I will publish, but it won't be through diamond, unfortunately. So, I am forced to got to one of their competators and sink some $ into more marketing.

    As they say, not happy.

    In their letter they said the project shows potential, but does not have a strong enough marketing plan. Which is interesting, because in their materials they said NOT to worry about supplying a marketing plan (which I supplied ANYWAY) So, after almost THREE months, I'm not at square one, but at least I know WHAT I have to do, what's next.

    Not too happy, but I will show em'

    Friday, August 20, 2010

    Shine on You crazy...

    Still Waiting.

    Diamond has yet to contact me since I last talked to them. Do I want to know what they have to say. Yah, I do. But. Well...I want them to say YES! At this point I just want to know yes or no. Its frustrating to have your fate in someone elses hands, but its the game we have to play. I just wish it was more clearly defined. If the process is 2-month plus to decide, fine. I'd be more "dissapointed" if they decided and they just haven't had to send me my rejection letter. The waitin' is the hardest part. But while there's hope, there's life. Come one diamond, come through. Shine on you crazy Diamond.

    Meanwhile, I'll be scanning in issue#7 to be colored next week. I'm so far ahead of my schedule, its crazy, but it gives me time to refine, so as they say, its a good thing.

    Still have some extra-bonus material to work out and draw, plus the websites, but those are largely done, just need the gmaes, etc...

    Monday, August 9, 2010

    One more thing...

    I DID submit my book to SEVERAL comic book companies (publishers, let me be clear, not diamond, I have at least a dialogue with them) and got NO RESPONSE. I have to say, not cool. How much time does it take to send an email, or in the case of my submissions, send a letter in the self-addressed stamped envelopes I INCLUDED in my submissions package. Come one man, form letter whatever. It was like two years ago, be cool, we all started off in the same place, at the bottom. We should all try to remember what it was like to be rejected, to put ourselves out there. It takes a lot to create something, it takes more to submit it to people to judge it. Thanks to the MINORITY who replied back, I do appreciate it. I'll go it on my own, but It would have been nice to work with some of you. Maybe next time.

    Still Waiting

    For Diamond. I'm trying REAL hard to be patient. I go between pessimism and optimism. Right now, I'd just like to know thumbs up, or thumbs down. It will be the two month count by the end of this week since my submission was accepted, so just patiently waiting to hear from the good folks at Diamond. I hope I get in, but at this point, I need to know SOON, because I need to get all my ad buys, games and contests in place for the pub date.

    Friday, July 30, 2010


    Just talked to them because I had not heard anything. The guy I talked to was real nice. He looked up my submission. And I'm on the fence.


    oh, well, right. On the fence, not a yes, not a no yet. But HOPEFULLY they will say yes. Hopefully. He said he liked the art and the colors. SO at least there's that. I know diamonds huge, they get TONS of submissions. He DID remember mine, so at least I can say I was in the running. That there is ONE GUY left yet to decide. So, I'm waiting on one guy. Here's a message to "one guy" , One Guy, if you are reading this. Hey, I'm a hard worker, and I will promote the HELL out of this book. Take a risk, take a chance.

    So, now what. Still in limbo. Until next week. he said it would probably be next week when I would hear. So crossing my fingers, hoping and putting out positive energy to the universe for a YES! He explained that the market is weak and it probably would have made it through in any other year.

    He did say that if I resubmitted as a trade, id be more likely to get a yes. Nice guy, so far my experience with Diamond has been pretty good.

    So now I wait, wait for my fate.

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    Still waiting

    Not sure how long the process is for Diamond approval/rejection. They state on their website that its 2-4 weeks and now we're in week 6. Is this typical? I have no idea really. From what I see online people's experiences with Diamond vary greatly. Which is to be expected in a company as large as diamond. What I fear is that my submission has gotten lost in the shuffle at their offices. What I hope is that they are taking their time because they are overloaded. I'm over the pins and needles stage of anticipation and right now I just want the up or down sign. I just want to know what my fate is. OF course I would LOVE to be distributed by them, but if they are not interested. I have alternatives to go to. And this process hasn't soured me on the print publishing experience, I still love the form, the paper, the texture, the feeling in my hands. But is this an antiquated idea. Is print publishing dying, or becoming more isolated like vinyl collectors. It seems to be headed towards a more digital future. I wiLL be publishing digitally this book, but I just wanted a real item that I could hold onto. So, just waiting. Waiting and seeing.

    Issue #6 is almost finished being colored. Letters to start this week, aim to have it done by next week. So good there, only one more to go. Covers to come after that, then supplemental material for each issues. Then tweak the websites. then come hell or high water, LAUNCH

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    New posting time

    Going to start it up again, even though largely I am In waiting mode here. Sent in the submission to Diamond and I am still waiting for word back...on an unrelated note, did I ever tell you that the folks at diamond are the best, smartest, most good-looking people in the world ;)... I have faith, plus the fortune cookie at Disneyworld told me that it is meant to be. And frankly, who am I to doubt the cookie.

    7 is done, inks and pencils, and the supplemental web pages are done through issue #3. COlors will bed one on #6 by next week, so its largely done and I haven't even printed the first issue yet. So I feel in great shape for publishing.

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Its Out!

    Submissions package to Diamond. Now, its up to...someone else. I would cross my fingers, but does that imply desperation? Cause, I'm NOT desperate...Hopeful. Yes, Hopeful. That's what I want to convey.


    One page from finishing issue#7...So that's GREAT!

    Friday, June 4, 2010


    Got one of the subsites up and running!

    Now I just need to collect the data (only one minor tweak needed!)

    Sending out package to diamond next week! Crosses fingers.

    May need to push back release date, grrrr

    But, my fault really.

    Longer I wait the better it will be, right, RIGHT?????

    Expanding issue#7 by 4 pages. I think It serves the story better

    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    Long time

    inbetween updates, right? Well, Its been busy, getting the websites done and operational, coming up with puzzles and web content. AND finishing the comic. Now onto try to get diamond to distribute. I think we have a really great product, soI think they will be interested.

    Issue#7 is ALMOST done (pencils, inks) can't really believe it. Got a really kickass cover to Issue#2 done! very excited

    Friday, April 30, 2010


    Check out the website!!

    For a trailer for Old Solders. I'm happy with how its turning out, I'm going to start a campaign with giveaways to market the hell of this. Going to hit it as hard as I can, this is my chance!

    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    Long overdue update

    Holy cow, I have been away for a WHILE. Lost of stuff happened, and I don't really have time to elaborate, yet. But BIgh news happening this week

    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    Started coloring

    Issue#5. Sigh, It seems like Its taking forever, but I have to remind myself howe far I've already come. I'm going to push it off a little until I feel comfortable, until I'm done with the subsites. Also, about halfway through issue#6, so that's also good forward progress.

    Friday, February 5, 2010


    With the re-re-re-re-tweaking of the issues, and as usual I like what I'm seeing. I think its looking good! Now onto issue#5 (sigh, so close, but so far to go)

    Monday, February 1, 2010

    More tweaking

    When will it end. Its fascinating to me to see where it started and where it finished. I keep on pushing forward and (i think) getting better as I go. But that is natural with any real endevour, the more you do, the better you get. SO, Now I look on my earlier work with a more critical eye. I think the latest additions and revisions will finally do it...screw it..YES, this WILL be the last revisions to Issue#1!!!! Then publish. Gulp. I am crossing my fingers with Diamond that I will make their cut. I don't know what to do if they don;t, but I am going to try my hardest to MAKE that cut.

    Friday, January 29, 2010


    aw yeah! Finished colors, inks, letters Issue#4!! Added some nice effects that I am going to go back to the other issues and add to them also. Coming along, coming along... I want to have issue#5 done, then its onto the website re-do, game sites, and then RELEASE the mother jammer.

    Wednesday, January 6, 2010

    New Year. New Post

    First post of the year. Last night finished issue#5, so, onto issue#6. When I'm done coloring issue#4, I'm focusing on the web side, and then the publishing of the book. Very exciting. Will look into hiring an ad exec on commission to sollicit ad sales for the comic. Will also look into distrubuting first issue on free comic book day, see what's involved.