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    Friday, July 30, 2010


    Just talked to them because I had not heard anything. The guy I talked to was real nice. He looked up my submission. And I'm on the fence.


    oh, well, right. On the fence, not a yes, not a no yet. But HOPEFULLY they will say yes. Hopefully. He said he liked the art and the colors. SO at least there's that. I know diamonds huge, they get TONS of submissions. He DID remember mine, so at least I can say I was in the running. That there is ONE GUY left yet to decide. So, I'm waiting on one guy. Here's a message to "one guy" , One Guy, if you are reading this. Hey, I'm a hard worker, and I will promote the HELL out of this book. Take a risk, take a chance.

    So, now what. Still in limbo. Until next week. he said it would probably be next week when I would hear. So crossing my fingers, hoping and putting out positive energy to the universe for a YES! He explained that the market is weak and it probably would have made it through in any other year.

    He did say that if I resubmitted as a trade, id be more likely to get a yes. Nice guy, so far my experience with Diamond has been pretty good.

    So now I wait, wait for my fate.

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