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    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    Still waiting

    Not sure how long the process is for Diamond approval/rejection. They state on their website that its 2-4 weeks and now we're in week 6. Is this typical? I have no idea really. From what I see online people's experiences with Diamond vary greatly. Which is to be expected in a company as large as diamond. What I fear is that my submission has gotten lost in the shuffle at their offices. What I hope is that they are taking their time because they are overloaded. I'm over the pins and needles stage of anticipation and right now I just want the up or down sign. I just want to know what my fate is. OF course I would LOVE to be distributed by them, but if they are not interested. I have alternatives to go to. And this process hasn't soured me on the print publishing experience, I still love the form, the paper, the texture, the feeling in my hands. But is this an antiquated idea. Is print publishing dying, or becoming more isolated like vinyl collectors. It seems to be headed towards a more digital future. I wiLL be publishing digitally this book, but I just wanted a real item that I could hold onto. So, just waiting. Waiting and seeing.

    Issue #6 is almost finished being colored. Letters to start this week, aim to have it done by next week. So good there, only one more to go. Covers to come after that, then supplemental material for each issues. Then tweak the websites. then come hell or high water, LAUNCH

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