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    Friday, August 20, 2010

    Shine on You crazy...

    Still Waiting.

    Diamond has yet to contact me since I last talked to them. Do I want to know what they have to say. Yah, I do. But. Well...I want them to say YES! At this point I just want to know yes or no. Its frustrating to have your fate in someone elses hands, but its the game we have to play. I just wish it was more clearly defined. If the process is 2-month plus to decide, fine. I'd be more "dissapointed" if they decided and they just haven't had to send me my rejection letter. The waitin' is the hardest part. But while there's hope, there's life. Come one diamond, come through. Shine on you crazy Diamond.

    Meanwhile, I'll be scanning in issue#7 to be colored next week. I'm so far ahead of my schedule, its crazy, but it gives me time to refine, so as they say, its a good thing.

    Still have some extra-bonus material to work out and draw, plus the websites, but those are largely done, just need the gmaes, etc...

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