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    Monday, April 27, 2009

    Missed my Goal

    Of finishing the 2nd Issue this weekend, to much work, too many events and obligations. I also drew one page three times, but was not satisfied with how it came out, its a pretty important page in terms of the whole series, so I think that's weighing on my mind at the moment. I think I cracked it though. I'm wrapping up my ideas for marketing the comic book, I have some good leads , but unfortunately, they all involve spending money, but I've GOT to try, right? Right? I'll try my best so far I have the (REDACTED), a direct mail piece to retailers including giveaway, explanation of intent with cross platform marketing, POP display, maybe posters if not too expensive. A "dossier" with some brief bios of the characters, and a call to action involving the retailers.

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