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    Wednesday, November 4, 2009

    New post, same old story

    Working and it keeps on coming along for the 'ol comic book. I'm almost done coloring Issue#3. I'm finishing inks on the online supplemental art. Thinking about tweaking one last couple of panels for issue#1 (i know, I know, ENOUGH already, right???) So I'm excited, but As I work on this I become aware of how MUCH work this is and how much of a lead time I need if I am to have a normal life. SO, heres to having at LEAST four issues done by the time I start solicitations, which means AFTER four, I need to kickstart the REDACTED to get interest in the old book. Lots to think about. I should start pencils on Issue#5 this week. Got a few freelance gigs, which will slow down the night drawing, but that seems to go faster anyway than any other aspect of the process (save lettering)

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