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    Tuesday, February 3, 2009


    Designed the Big House comics logo. Or rather re-designed the big house comics logo. The old one was hard to read at small sizes, nice concept, but a little impractical. The new one is all vector. I like it. Well, I would because I designed it, right? Anyway, while I'm here, I set up the letterhead for my submission cover letter, will be gathering names and submission information today.

    Mid-day Update: built slideshow in flash. Input text for FYI. Added a couple of t-shirts to my cafe press site (for fun). I'll be the first to order one, I'm sure. Started culling names of potential suitors for publishing, crating a master database. Will send out with the appropriate guidelines. Most of them are the same, but some require waivers. In case they develop something similar I guess, to protect them, that's why I copyrighted my story with the US govt, to protect ME. Tomorrow...Email links to exterior web pages for email, blog, and store.

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