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    Thursday, February 19, 2009

    Publishing Update

    Scrambling to get all the bids in before the deadline, got one that was OK, strangely, the one I thought was a slam dunk seems to no be returning my emails, I have NO idea what that is about. Now do I dare try diamond when the time comes, I'd love to be in previews, but their new policy concerns me, can I move that much?

    Got some more quotes in on printing and FINALLY some printers outside the US, which allegedly save you money. Including the big boy Quebecor.

    Tomorrow, look into small business grants, who knows, maybe I'll snag one?

    Xeric still looms big in my future, have to get it all together, not going to happen by Friday, so I have to set the deadline of Wednesday next week to mail out. So on monday I should get folders, bniders, whatever

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