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    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Website Update

    Nice! I think I'll be done with the flash site TODAY for the Big House part of the site. I need to tweak the loading movie from OddJobs, but that's just little moves. Will create pre-loader for main site today! Hendo helped me with figuring out some bad code that was tripping me up.

    Afternoon update:

    Dang! I thought I'd get the preloader done by 1:00, C'est la vie. I'm sooooo Close, I can taste it! Its almost ready to be put online. I'll take 20 tonight, finish the code, and (hopefully) upload.

    With this step being done, I can finish my list of people to send samples to. Than, well who knows, cross my fingers, say a little prayer, and wait for good news?

    Revised update:

    Success! Preloader works, now I think tonight I'll upload to web, fix a couple of links. Maybe I can mail out proposals by THIS weekend!! That would be cool.

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