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    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    LOST: "this Place is Death"

    LOST continues its hot streak. Not surprised Charlotte was on the island, WAS surprised she remembered. When she said a "crazy man" told her to never come back, in my head, I thought "daniel" and it turns out I'm right. We knew another encounter with the Dharma Initiative was upcoming because of the first episode this season, so I guess Daniel finds young Charlotte. She says her mother left, leaving behind her father. Since LOST is rarely so vague about these things, I'm betting that the father will not be a nobody, but a named character...Wild theory, Sawyer. But who knows, maybe everything isn't so conveniant that EVERYONE is connected to everyone...wait, what am I saying, this IS LOST after all....Sigh on the Oceanic six being separated AGAIN, I knew ben would use the ring to get Sun back, to use it in the OPPOSITE of what Jin intended. I just want them back on the island, it just feels tedious now, I wonder how the actors feel about it?

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